How fast are you able to deliver specialists?

We have a stable level of employee resources, meaning that employees are able to start working on a project almost immediately. However, if at a given time we do not have a specialist with the appropriate competences, we are able to present the first candidate profiles within 2-3 weeks for leading technologies (JAVA, .NET, PHP, front-end), and up to 2 months for less common competences. In addition, we should add the period of verification on the part of the client and the candidate’s notice period (usually 1 month).

Where will the developers work and what equipment will they use?

For most clients, the most convenient solution is for the developer or teams to work remotely from JCommerce offices with occasional visits to the client’s office. Usually the equipment is provided by JCommerce, except when the client prefers to provide his own equipment, over which he has full control.

What are the average fees and what do they depend on, and how are payments settled?

Fees depend mainly on the technology used and the level of experience of a given specialist, as well as the length of the project, the size of the team and the location. Settlement takes place monthly on the basis of a report on the number of hours worked, after first checking that it complies with the hourly reports from the client.

What if we want to cease cooperation with a given developer, or the developer leaves?

The client has the right to stop cooperating with a particular specialist, if he is not satisfied with cooperation to date. Such situations are regulated by the relevant terms of the contract. If the developer decides to leave, however, we provide a replacement and a smooth transfer of knowledge between employees. The transfer costs are not charged to the customer and it is in JCommerce’s interest to replace the departing specialist and to transfer knowledge as soon as possible.

How can we be sure that a person has actually worked as many hours as he or she has claimed, and has done so properly?

Most of our clients monitor the quality of work of the developers with whom they cooperate on an ongoing basis, based on the tasks which are planned jointly over a given period of time. In addition, the time spent on a given project is reported twice – in the JCommerce system and in the customer’s system. Before the monthly settlement, the reports are compared with each other and any discrepancies are explained.

Which formalities are associated with the start of cooperation, and how does the NDA contract differ from the framework agreement and service provision orders?

The NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) contains provisions guaranteeing the confidentiality of the information provided, so it ensures a level of comfort in the talks and it is worth signing it first. A framework agreement defines the general framework and principles of cooperation (ours also includes confidentiality provisions), while a service order is a document that specifies the scope, time and details of implementation in the case of a decision to establish cooperation with particular specialists.

How do you take care of data security aspects?

We adapt to the procedures and guidelines of the client, and for our part we are prepared from the formal and legal, procedural and technical perspectives as well (firewall, VPN, dual link, encryption, IT security policy) in order to cooperate with even the most demanding clients, such as banks or public institutions.

How do you verify the candidates?

Candidates are verified by an internal Recruitment Department for soft competences, and then by a Technical Solution Manager or a senior specialist who checks the level of knowledge of a given specialist during a technical interview. Additionally, candidates complete a test of programming competences. At the customer’s request, additional verification on his side is also possible.

What distinguishes you from other companies offering IT outsourcing services?

The quick availability of specialists (even overnight), our flexible approach and technical support for all our specialists, thanks to our Technical Leaders who perform consultative and mentoring functions.

What is the minimum time needed to sign an agreement?

Most of our orders are long-term, but there are situations in which our specialists are only required temporarily, even a few days’ support, especially in the case of consultation, error repair or problem solving.

How does JCommerce care for the environment (questions about CSR strategy)?

We have a high level of environmental awareness, and so JCommerce undertakes numerous constructive actions to protect the environment. We regularly donate computer equipment which we no longer use to local schools, giving it a second life. We equip office spaces with furniture made of recycled materials. We have introduced the JSwap programme, where employees exchange used items. JCommerce servers are located in the Data Center, where a large part of the energy we use is produced using solar panels. In addition, we support startups that create innovative, ecological solutions.

What are your financial results, how much revenue do you earn?

In 2018, the company’s revenues amounted to PLN 72 mln.

Is it possible for a client to hire one of our employees on a permanent basis?

In exceptional cases, if the parties have made appropriate arrangements at the beginning of cooperation, it is possible to do so. However, we try to avoid such situations, because we invest in the development of our employees and the creation of integrated teams. It guarantees our clients the availability of appropriate competences in a short period of time, as well as flexibility and scalability of projects, which helps us stand out from the competition.

How does cooperation look?

The client receives a dedicated business manager, a Delivery Manager, or both in the case of a large team. The work of specialists is supervised by a dedicated Team Manager. We approach cooperation with commitment and care about the broader partnership. A flat organisational structure and lack of corporate rigidity make it easier for us to act quickly and efficiently and to adapt to the specific requirements of our clients.

How do you manage the team?

Each developer has his own Team Manager, who is his first point of contact, as well as the Technical Leaders and Technical Solution Manager who support him from the technical side. If the whole team is under our control, we work mainly in the AGILE model, and the team is supervised by a Scrum Master.

How does the remote team work?

Modern communication tools and cyclical meetings eliminate the differences between remote work and the work of people on site.

Can I get a range of monthly or hourly costs?

The working cost can be presented in hourly, daily, monthly or fixed price models.

If the project is prolonged or finishes earlier, what happens?

Our experience shows that the former situation occurs more frequently, so we are prepared for it and always try to provide the client with the possibility of further cooperation with a selected specialist. Termination of cooperation with our specialists before the date agreed in the contract is also possible, and is regulated by the terms of the contract agreed before the start of cooperation.

Would you like to know more?

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