Responsible leader

JCommerce supports activities that promote Information Technology in Poland:

  • We donate conferences, i.e. JDD, Devoxx, InfoMEET, SQL Day, PHPers Summit.
  • Once a month we organize original series of BiteIT meetups and webinars for tech geeks.
  • We educate young testers and programmers by organizing free trainings: JTester Academy, JDeveloper Academy.
  • At JCommerce we sponsor local meetups and other knowledge sharing initiatives, i.e. J/Vacon, dev.js, JUG

JCommerce - Corporate Social Responsibility - Leader

Responsible employer

JCommerce guarantees comfort, work-life balance and development of JPeople:

  • We respect working time (no overtime!).
  • Our employees can attend free English classes.
  • We organize ShareIT – cyclic internal meetings, where people can exchange their expert knowledge.
  • We have JPassions program to support hobbies of our employees.
  • Out teams participate in local and national running events – Poland Business Run, Silesia Marathon, Poznan Marathon, Cracovia Marathon.
  • We have issued JCommerce’s calendar promoting healthy lifestyle and active breaks at work.
  • There is an individual training plan developed for us by the Center of Sports and Orthopedic Physiotherapy.
  • During the pandemic, we encourage our employees to #stayhome. We have taken measures to protect our employees, candidates and clients, such as working from home, remote recruitment and onboarding processes.
  • We organize company integrations in the regional offices and HQ.
  • We celebrate together both personal and official occasions – anniversaries, birthdays, holidays.

JCommerce - Corporate Social Responsibility - Employer

Responsible resident of the Earth

At JCommerce people believe that even small actions can bring great results in a short time. Local initiatives and small, daily activities can have a positive effect on the entire planet:

  • Outdated computers gain a second life – JCommerce regularly donates laptops to local schools.
  • Office spaces are equipped with furniture made of recycled materials (e.g. EUR-pallets).
  • We support electronic circulation of documents to save paper.
  • We use tap water filtration dispensers in all our offices to avoid plastic bottles consumption.
  • We sort & segregate waste.
  • JCommerce’s servers are located in a Data Center, where a significant part of energy is produced with use of solar power.
  • JBees – we have set up an apiary on the roof of our office in Katowice.
  • JSwap program – JCommerce’s employees can exchange used items, things and toys.
  • We support startups that create innovative, eco-friendly solutions.

JCommerce - Corporate Social Responsibility - Earthling

Responsible member of the community

JCommerce regularly participates in charity activities:

  • Since 2017 we have been co-organizing Katowice Business Run, a charity run
  • JCommerce’s calendar is put up for annual charity auctions (The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity).
  • We hand over IT equipment and other equipment to schools, orphanages and help centers.
  • We collect plastic caps for purposes of local charity as chosen by employees.
  • We support shelters for homeless animals.
  • We undertake many other interesting charity activities, such as the Złombol rally

JCommerce - Corporate Social Responsibility - Social