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JCommerce has accumulated over 13 years of experience in the provision of IT solutions in Java, .NET, PHP, Front-End, Business Intelligence and ERP systems. We carry out an implementation projects and provide outsourcing services. We are always trying to be a true partner to our customers.

Support for a rehabilitation center for disabled children in Bytom

JCommerce is the organizer of a charity event which aims to raise funds for the Rehabilitation and Education Center in Bytom. Please visit zrzutka.pl to support us!

Last year, JCommerce came together with the Infomax Group - the brains behind, and publisher of, the charity calendar 'Silesia isn't just black and white' – to create a special calendar for the Petralana Foundation to raise funds for the ongoing care of the blind and deaf brothers Bartosz and Łukasz Jaszczur. All the money raised was donated to the brothers, and the calendar was sent to JCommerce customers in Poland and abroad.

"This is the second edition of this amazing calendar, but the first with such extraordinary partners as JCommerce," said Elżbieta Marasik-Bielejec, CEO of the Infomax Group. "We also encourage others to take part in future editions and follow the example of JCommerce, who have shown that it is worth lending a hand."

The release of the charity calendar is a completely new chapter in the history of JCommerce, which to date has published the 'Women in IT' calendar every year to support and popularize the work of women in what was until recently a predominantly male sector.

"Last year we came to the conclusion that no one needs to be convinced of the rightful place of women in the IT industry, and 12 pages in the calendar is definitely not enough to show what an important role they play at JCommerce," said Karolina Czech, Talent Acquisition Leader at JCommerce.

The calendar 'Silesia isn't just black and white'

The calendar is unique because it shows the work of people from the Rehabilitation and Education-Educational Center and Occupational Therapy Workshops in Bytom. As part of their activities, children and adults alike have given color to black-and-white photos of the most recognizable objects in Upper Silesia, such as the Guido mine in Zabrze, the Czeladz power plant, the old railway station in Katowice and the Gliwice coal mine.

"The calendar shows that Silesia is colorful and changes are happening here," said the creator of the project, Mirosław Gawroński, Sales Manager at the Infomax Group. "It is also a form of therapy for disabled people, and a way to show how the world looks in their eyes."

This project has helped to overturn two unfair stereotypes, showing that Silesia isn't just dark and dreary, and that people with disabilities are in fact highly creative and can enjoy life if they are provided with the right conditions in which to do so.

"While working on the project, we got to know both the dedicated employees of the center in Bytom and the people under their care much better. So we made a New Year's resolution to become even more involved in supporting them," said Piotr Zyguła, CEO of JCommerce.

Fundraising – we're counting on your support!

To this end, a fundraising drive for the renovation of the roof of the center's gymnasium was launched.

"Our challenge is to involve JCommerce employees and friends in our drive to raise PLN 10,000, which will all go towards the renovation of the roof. We hope not only to reach the goal, but exceed it, because the cost of the project as a whole is much bigger. We believe that we in turn can bring color to the lives of those at the center," said Piotr Zyguła.

Special prizes are on offer for participants in the fundraising drive, among them a limited edition of the calendar 'Silesia isn't just black and white' with the children's own signatures, book calendars, items made by those at the center, and additional attractions such as an exclusive mini-golf match with Piotr Zyguła, CEO of JCommerce.

For more details visit: https://zrzutka.pl/naprawa-dachu-osrodka-rehabilitacyjno-edukacyjno-wychowawczego-w-bytomiu