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JCommerce has accumulated over 13 years of experience in the provision of IT solutions in Java, .NET, PHP, Front-End, Business Intelligence and ERP systems. We carry out an implementation projects and provide outsourcing services. We are always trying to be a true partner to our customers.

Outsourcing cooperation with a client providing blockchain solutions

JCommerce has begun outsourcing cooperation with a client delivering blockchain-based solutions to support HR processes in companies. The client delivers web and iOS applications.

JCommerce provides development support in the field of Java and mobile services in a team extension model. Our specialists have joined the client's team, which is currently working on web-based and iOS applications.

Both the web platform (front-end and back-end) and the iOS platform are new products developed from scratch. The aforementioned applications use blockchain technology to support HR processes in the context of motivating employees. Blockchain-based solutions ensure data security and help optimize HR-related costs.

The client's system enables businesses to motivate employees using an individual package of vouchers. Provided the employee sets up an account, the system allows them to turn vouchers into benefits or exchange them internally with co-workers, which positively affects their level of engagement.

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