Implementation of QlikView – the reporting and analytical application


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Implementation of QlikView – the reporting and analytical application

The accelerated development of Skanska’s operations required improvements in the organization, especially in terms of IT solutions. There was a significant need for an analytical and reporting tool supporting mainly the controlling, finance and management departments in terms of complex and cross-sectional analysis of financial data. Due to the organizational structure of Skanska, which IT service is located in other place than the rest of its branches, the implementation of the tool was to be entrusted to an external company.

Company needs

The main task of the tool was to facilitate and streamline daily tasks in the area of finance and planning. The analytical and reporting platform was to enable aggregation and calculation of financial and non-financial data from the project level to the national and regional level, facilitating communication between project managers and executives and reporting to the company’s financial controller. The data came from the source systems of various companies of the group – ERP system MS Dynamics AX and dedicated ERP system KORAB.

Thus, the following objectives have been set up:

  • consolidation of data from multiple sources and systems in one place, 
  • leaving the model in which a financial system is the company’s focus of activity and creating one system for all users, 
  • quick and easy scalability of already created reports – for new regions, countries, departments,  
  • creating a management platform for the company in Europe. 
The main challenges in the project

The main project challenge was the need to present many types of data (calculated financial data, non-financial data, descriptive data) in different time perspectives, in comprehensive reports and according to precise requirements in the organization that has its own financial systems in each country. An additional goal was to create a single decision-making platform for all countries in the region within the shortest possible time.


Selection of an appropriate Business Intelligence solution and its implementation was entrusted to JCommerce specialists. Cooperation with leading tool vendors Qlik, Microsoft, IBM and SAP and the resulting ability to choose the most optimal solution, from them, was the only factor in choosing an implementation partner.

The optimal BI tool, meeting the company’s needs, turned out to be QlikView platform – a modern, full-scale analytical and reporting solution for transaction data analysis. Intuitiveness and ease of use were features that contributed to the choice of this business solution.

The application implementation phase was completed with full success, and the tool itself has revolutionized work in the company. On behalf of Skanska company, I recommend JCommerce as a reliable and trustworthy business partner in the area of Business Intelligence solutions. Extensive technical knowledge, experience and flexibility of JCommerce specialists contributed to the success of the project.

Kamil Lubiejewski, Finance Manager at Skanska Property Poland
Data sources
  • 4 countries, 40 companies and 10 sub-regions in one application,
  • strategic planning for 2014-2024,
  • multicurrency application (EUR, SEK, PLN, HUF, CZK, RON),
  • data loading in 30 minute periods,
  • import projects data from the general system of contractor.
Group and local reports
  • planning of purchasing property, start date and selling of investment,
  • modeling of strategies to exit an investment,
  • balance and results sheets in corporate and statute terms,
  • operational cost and property management reports,
  • projects cost analytics,
  • possibility of switch from local to corporate books.
Planning module
  • operational costs forecasting,
  • project costs forecasting.
Executive Summary tab
  • summary report of key factors,
  • charts tenancy value, efficiency and profitability of investments,
  • detail report focusing on chosen factor.

In the project, QlikView was used for development of report and analytical tool and Microsoft SQL Server (Axapta) for data warehouse.

Benefits of implementation 
  • easy to use intuitive application,  
  • consolidation of multiple data sources in a single application,  
  • swift implementation – within days, not months, 
  • accessibility on mobile devices,  
  • a flexible and scalable solution  
  • time flexibility of generated reports – all reports available for month, quarter, year, cumulative or for any period of business dimension,  
  • multidimensional analysis – with any parameters,
  • export transactions function – each report allows you to access data and export transactions from a given item, 
About the client

Skanska Property Poland Sp. z o. o. – a leader in the construction and development industry, operating on selected markets in Europe and North America. In all its projects, Skanska Property focuses on innovation, sustainable development and the harmonious integration of its buildings with the existing urban infrastructure. 

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