Project description

Due to the non-optimized test process, the client needed support in the scope of Quality Assurance – the tests were not adapted to the actual needs of the company, and the procedures required modification. The task was to introduce a structured test process as well as to implement a newly appointed test team.

The tasks for the Quality Assurance consultant from JCommerce were to create a structured test process, support the creation of a separate test team, training and consultations. The main project to which testing pertains is a software development project for a managers and owners of residential and commercial real estate.


Technology used in project: Quality Assurance – Ranorex, Trac Project.


M.INFORMATYKA Sp. z o. o. Sp. K. – Provides complete IT solutions for real estate management. The company’s clients include housing associations, managers and owners of common properties, private tenement houses, office buildings and various other properties.

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