Nest Bank focuses on security and supporting individual clients as well as micro-enterprises in the scope of its operations. The bank delivers financial solutions that ensure its customers get a sense of security. Business data analysis tools used by financial institutions should play a similar role as data protection and compliance where strict security standards are key.


The aim of the project carried out by JCommerce was to implement a Business Intelligence tool ensuring maximum security of the data and providing a solution that would facilitate everyday work with data. The tool was to be simple and possible to use in several departments by users with different levels of technical skills. An additional benefit was to unburden IT specialists from the tasks related to preparing data and ad hoc reporting.

The challenge

  • Meeting the highest data security standards.
  • Due to the specificity of the project, it was not possible to use cloud solutions.
  • The tool was to be intuitive and easy to use.


At JCommerce, we have over 10 years of experience in implementing projects for clients from the financial industry, which means that we understand the needs and requirements of the banking sector. Thanks to this, our Business Intelligence specialists could offer the best solutions and support the client in making the final decision.

After cooperative analysis, the client finally decided on Microsoft Power BI Report Server, which meets all the client’s requirements.

  • Power BI Report Server is an implementation of Power BI running as part of a local reporting server, and it is fully controlled by the IT department.
  • Power BI, on the other hand, is an intuitive reporting application that allows for the easy integration of data from various sources and building interactive and highly efficient reports.
  • The Power BI system is a Microsoft tool that guarantees strict security standards – including for clients operating in the most demanding sectors, such as the banking industry.

Business benefits

  • The users received a comprehensive self-service tool, which increases reporting capabilities and facilitates their daily work.
  • With Power BI, employees of the bank can create reports on their own and share them with others thanks to a dedicated reporting server, while at the same time maintaining security and control over data.
  • Existing parallel reporting solutions, created without centralized control, were eliminated.
  • Users have gained the opportunity to use the reports via a friendly web interface without the need to create additional user accounts.
  • Recipients of the reports do not need to install any application to gain access to the reports, and thanks to integration with the domain, it is possible to use existing employee accounts.
  • We have managed to shorten the time of report creation and to optimize the waiting time for results compared to the previous solutions.

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