Project description

Development of a web-based system facilitating insurance sales from the website of a financial institution – one of the largest Irish banks. The solution will enable the bank’s customers to buy vehicle insurance, flats, travel and more, quicker than had previously been the case.

The JCommerce backend and testing team joined the client’s development team, with whom they worked using agile techniques (Scrum). The web application was created from scratch using technologies such as Java 8, Spring, MySQL and AWS.


Java 8, Spring, MySQL, MongoDB, SQL, JMS, (AWS [SQS, SNS]), JSON, SOAP, Maven, Docker, Kubernetes, JUnit, Mockito, Jira, Confluence, Agile, Scrum, Sprint Boot, Spring Cloud, Liquibase, Hibernate


The project was carried out for a client from the consulting area, and ultimately the solution will be used by one of the largest Irish banks.

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