Project description

The aim of the project was to implement a new version of the application for the conversational system based on Artificial Intelligence and support in the area of Quality Assurance. JCommerce specialists were responsible for the maintenance of the system. They implemented it in new environments and updated the implementation instructions. The system was refactorified, which allowed for the updating of the libraries and tools used in this project. Support in terms of testing was carried out in four basic areas: code review, manual tests, automated tests, performance testing.

The work carried out by JCommerce specialists:

  • System maintenance and improvement of the software development process.
  • Updating the libraries and tools used.
  • Improvement of the Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery process.
  • Improvement of know-how in the area of software testing, especially in the area of automated tests.
  • Support in the field of using the Scrum methodology.

Java 11, Groovy, Spock, Rest Assured, Maven, Docker i Jenkins, JMeter, Gatling


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