Project description

Traffic Data Warehouse (TDW) solution is a history analysis system which integrates data collected from 30 separate source systems (mobile network servers) by various integration mechanisms. The main purpose of this project was to implement the solution allowing aggregation of large volumes of data coming from multiple mobile operator network servers and integrating them under a unified reporting platform. The data warehouse is processing up to 1.5 GB of data every 5 minutes. The repository volume is at level of dozen TB. The BusinessObjects Enterprise is responsible for reporting procedures. The number of defined reports implemented during the development is around 300, covering 4 separate business areas. The project also has an additional module for automatic calculations of Key Performance Indicators, analyzing trends and generating alerts (SMS, SNMP, mail) based on their profiles.

Reference Case study.


Technology used in project: Linux RedHat, Oracle 10g + ASM + RAC, SOAP, SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI R2, SNMP, SAP BusinessObjects Data Integrator.


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