Project description

The aim of the project is to modify CCM applications in terms of functionality, and also to upgrade to a new version. The application consists of services dedicated to specific tasks, such as receiving and processing data, counting, tracking progress, posting data, etc. With the development of the company, this application no longer fulfils the requirements of the company, so it was deemed necessary to expand and upgrade the system.

The JCommerce team is upgrading the system and creating a portal with an administration panel for the company’s customers, which will enable the management processes related to sending a series of messages (invoices, contracts, notifications, etc.) via various channels (traditional mail, e-mail, SMS). An internal desktop application for company employees will also be redesigned to support printing and distribution via traditional mail, e-mail and SMS.


Technology used in project: Angular, SQL Server, ASP.NET WebAPI, OData, WPF.


PRT Group – an Italian provider of Customer Output Management Services.

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