Project description

The aim of the project was to develop an application for automating the configuration processes of laser machines produced by the client. The software enables the centralization of configuration files in the cloud, so that end users can upload them to a server where they are available to the manufacturer, who performs data analysis for optimization purposes and provides support in case of any problems. By using the cloud, the client can react very quickly to user requests and make modifications in real time.

The application made it possible to automate the process of updating existing configurations and preparing new ones. Thanks to this, the working time of two people was reduced from about 4 working days each month to about 2 hours.


.Net Core 3.1, C#, Azure Cloud, Azure Active Directory, Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Factory, Azure Key Vault


Bystronic Laser AG – Swiss producer of sheet metal processing systems, offering laser and waterjet cutting systems as well as press brakes.

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