Jamf has unveiled the new Jamf Fundamentals plan, designed for growing small and midsize businesses to efficiently manage macOS and iOS devices and make the work environment safer. Jamf Fundamentals combines Mobile Device Management (MDM) technology with new ways to protect end-user data to prevent malware.

Jamf Fundamentals introduces solutions designed for Apple devices to help organizations protect their users and corporate data. The new plan includes MDM features such as:

  • Device Management – All MDM features needed by small and midsize businesses, including Jamf Now Blueprints. These are ready-made management templates that allow administrators to configure device groups, and deploy specific applications, limitations, as well as individual settings.
  • Custom Profiles – This allows users to deploy an unlimited number of configurations (including VPN configurations).
  • macOS packages – These packages enable users to access apps that are currently unavailable in the Mac App Store.
  • Self-Service Application Catalog – This is a list of the organization-approved apps from the Mac App Store and third-party vendors to ensure end-users immediate access to the required resources and tools.
  • Custom Apps – An easy-to-deploy service that lets you install and manage any iPad and iPhone app needed by your team.
  • Support – it is available from day one via chat, e-mail and phone.