We are implementing a new software development project for our client – eSky. .NET programmers develop a booking management system based on microservices and the frontend written in Angular.js.

JCommerce is involved in several areas: Quality Assurance, DevOps, and frontend. The first .NET developers and tester have already joined the eSky teams, and more specialists will be engaged in July 2022. As part of their tasks, they create new microservices, unburden the legacy monolithic system and develop a modern frontend using the capabilities of the Google Cloud Platform. Our testers use the proven Cypress.io and TypeScript tools for End-to-End testing and .NET for unit and integration testing.

This is the second project carried out by JCommerce for eSky and one of many in which we have built a complete project team. We are particularly pleased about the renewal of our collaboration. Its beginnings date back to 2011, since we were involved in the development of website functionality.

eSky is one of the largest OTA companies (Online Travel Agency) in Central and Eastern Europe and a leader in the sale of tourist services in Poland.