On February 17th and 24th, beekeeping workshops were held at the “Zakątek” Orphan House in Katowice, which is part of our educational program aiming at raising awareness of the problem of extinction of honeybees.

The workshops were conducted by Michał Pilch, software tester at JCommerce and beekeeper. Michal answered all the children’s questions, among others, he cleared doubts about the existence of a “honey wasp”, revealed the secrets of bee life, explained the honey production process, showed the hive and the equipment used in it. The meetings were attended by a group of about 6-13 years old children, of which each received a jar of honey produced by JBees.

The adventure with the bees is not over yet! The 8-person group of children who have won a voucher will have the opportunity to check their knowledge by taking part in a live workshop at the beehive at the chosen time.