On June 10, we joined the initiative of urban beekeepers, and set up an apiary on the roof of our office in Katowice. The apiary is inhabited by 2 bee families, a total of 15,000 bees.

The apiary is looked after by Michał Pilch, a software tester at JCommerce, who is also a beekeeper and co-founder of the beekeepers’ association in Katowice. The action is part of an initiative promoted by the City of Katowice and it aims to stop the mass extinction of honey bees in the world by founding urban apiaries.

Our employees, who designed and prepared the space for bees, were involved in building the apiary. Together, we painted the roof, planted honey plants and organized moving of bees from the existing apiary to a new place.

The amount of honey in each season can be radically different – it all depends on the weather conditions and the strength of the families. We would like the honey from our JBees to be a JCommerce’s eco promotional gadget. You will find it at future meetups and conferences.