We were born to make IT

In a complicated, digital world, we want to shorten the distance and simplify cooperation between IT specialists and the customer so that both parties can benefit from it as much as possible. The client has access to the best competencies and know-how on the market, and specialists have the opportunity to work on interesting projects, based on commonly agreed rules. We implement the idea of activity-based working, offering the possibility to choose the time, place and tools of work.


We are fascinated by how technology is evolving rapidly. We want to take part in these changes and be a business partner for companies that are not afraid to take on new challenges. Our goal is to grow with them, because we believe that the success of our customers is our success.


We provide IT Outsourcing Services that allow our clients to cooperate with a carefully selected group of IT and engineering specialists without incurring the fixed costs of personnel and changing the structure of their own companies. See what values we follow in our daily work


We provide high-quality solutions based on our extensive knowledge and vast experience.

We are constantly analyzing our project-based experiences in order to draw conclusions and benefit from them. The result is an agile organization that focuses on high quality in the development of projects, which translates into value for us and our clients.

We are successful because we know that not even the greatest talents can replace a highly involved team.

We build relationships based on respect and understanding of mutual expectations. We care about exchanging experiences and best practices. We work in an atmosphere of openness and accountability, because only as a team can we carry out even the most demanding projects.

We develop our skills and face up to the challenges posed by the changing world of technology.

We look boldly to the future in our approach to ambitious projects. We are happy to share our knowledge, which raises the team’s level of competence and the value of the organization. Each task is a source of new experiences and possibilities for us.

We work with optimism and energy, turning ideas into actions.

Where others have doubts, we see opportunities. We treat difficulties as a natural part of the road to success. Together, we create a friendly atmosphere that gives us the energy to work every day.

We are open to changes and we look for the optimal solutions for our clients and ourselves.

We are building a strong organization, while at the same time not losing sight of the need to react immediately. We make sure that processes are efficient and decisions are made quickly. We have an individualized and flexible approach to aspects of cooperation such as the form of employment, the possibility of choosing a project or working remotely.

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Grzegorz Koziołek
Vice President
Responsible for Finances, Administration and IT departments
at JCommerce.

Grzegorz joined JCommerce in April 2015 and took over responsibility for the finances, administration and IT management of the company. With 11 years of experience in the commercial sector he specializes in cash flow and building expense accounts for strategic management. His career started in 2003 in local government administration in Upper Silesia. Between 2005 and 2015 he served as Vice President of Work Express in Katowice, where he was responsible for the development of the temporary work sector in Poland and the finances of the Group, and from 2013 served as CEO of the company. Grzegorz is a graduate of the University of Economics in Cracow. In his private life, he has a passion for photography and travelling with his family.

Piotr Zyguła
President, CEO
Responsible for Sales, HR
and Delivery departments
at JCommerce.

Piotr has been part of JCommerce since 2005, and since 2010 has been CEO of the company. His most significant responsibilities include company strategy, as well as sales, HR and delivery management. He studied at the Warsaw School of Economics and the University of Cologne where he furthered his education in economics and management, and is also a graduate of the ICAN Institute in Warsaw. His professional experience was acquired in such companies as Compaq, KLK and Techmex. In his private life he is a fan of Bayern Munich, a marathon runner and a lover of authentic Italian pizza.