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In the Big Data era a large amount of variable and diverse data requires the use of advanced analytical tools. Our Business Intelligence systems enable companies to gain reliable real-time information and true insights for prediction and decision making.

  Qlik Platform

Qlik is a modern full-sized platform for self-service and advanced business analytics in finance, sales, marketing, logistics and procurement.

JCommerce Qlik

This Business Intelligence solution allows over 35,000 business users to create complex and highly readable management dashboards.

The factor which distinguishes Qlik Platform from other Business Intelligence tools is its high-speed visualization of analysis and business reporting:

  • without involving additional resources and funds,
  • with no restrictions on the amount of data,
  • with short implementation time.
In Memory - QlikView
In-memory technology
Qlik benefits from using in-memory technology in business analytics, which enables the data to be processed in real time.
Sharing information - QlikView
Sharing information
Qlik allows users to share information with other employees in real time, providing faster and more efficient solutions to business problems.
Integration of data processing - QlikView
Integration of data processing
Qlik integrates data from different sources, such as ERP, CRM, data warehouse, SQL databases, Excel data and many more.
Mobile access to data - QlikView
Mobile access to data
Data which is processed by Qlik is also avaliable on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


The main advantages of QlikView

QlikView provides swift integration of all data from various sources, and enables better business analytics without the need for assistance from IT professionals.

The application itself is highly intuitive and easy to use and delivers great opportunities for self-maintenance and development.


  • Easy to use - simple and intuitive use of the platform,
  • Transparent reporting and analysis - data visualization in a meaningful and innovative way,
  • Scalability - immediate response time, with no restrictions on the amount of data,
  • Data Integration - fast integration of all data from various sources into a single application,
  • Identify trends – recognition of trends and information (which may not be immediately apparent) to help make innovative decisions,
  • Teamwork - common decision-making process and real-time collaboration security,
  • Full filtering data - search across all data - directly and indirectly,
  • Various forms of data presentation - use of dynamic applications, dashboards and analyses,
  • Mobility - access, analyze and retrieve data from mobile devices,
  • Fast implementation – usually takes about a week,
  • Low cost - quick return on investment, thanks to the short implementation period.

Qlik Sense - self service BI  

Different business needs require appropriate tools.

Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is a solution for those who want to explore and visualize data quickly and intuitively from any device and at any point in time. Qlik Sense gives its users the full capability to create, modify and extend visualizations.

What makes Qlik Sense so user-friendly?

  • Simplified token-based licensing model which enables users to obtain better flexibility in the management of the license,

  • Intuitive creation of dashboards and reports using the “drag and drop” method,

  • Responsive character of applications providing operations with the same simplicity on PCs as on mobile devices,

  • The ability to self-create extensions thanks to the open JavaScript technology or using free extensions available in Qlik Community.

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Seeing is Believing

"Seeing is Believing" (SiB) is the Qlik pilot that frees up a 30-day testing period (with a market value of 6600 PLN). The SiB project provides the complete information of the company in a safe way, for free and in a short time on the basis of company data analysis.

The SiB pilot project is implemented according to company data and business needs such as sales analysis and production, and may be the first step towards implementation of the complete Business Intelligence platform.

The SiB formula assumes the following:

  • Transparency of activities,
  • Participation of the client’s employees in the design of the project,
  • Implementing the pilot project in just three days.

Thanks to the Qlik pilot the client can see the results and decide what the next steps related to the implementation of the full version of Qlik applications will be.

Implementations of Qlik Platform

We present selected Qlik Platform implementations tailored to our clients' needs:


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