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Adanex begins implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system

Adanex, the Polish manufacturer of recreational and household footwear, has decided to implement MS Dynamics NAV with JCommerce specialists.

The goal of the implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system at Adanex is to improve enterprise management and implement comprehensive service for all business processes. The implementation, begun by JCommerce consultants in January 2017, will cover the following areas: purchasing, warehouse, production, and sales. The system will also be expanded with solutions supporting the work of sales representatives, as well as integration with an external Web application, which will facilitate the efficient implementation of customer service processes.

"Currently, individual departments use independent systems where records of the same data are kept, which generate a series of mistakes. In addition, separate systems in individual areas make the record-keeping process considerably longer", says Adam Jakubowski, CEO of Adanex Sp. z o.o. "We hope that the implementation of the Microsoft ERP system will ensure access to scaled, unified and integrated information in one place and time for all employees who need it. We are banking on the fact that it will help us improve processes, shorten the time required to carry out each task and provide a greater insight into the company."

The project is co-financed by EU funds in the framework of Measure 3.3. Information and communications technologies in economic activity, implemented in the Priority Axis III Plan. The competitiveness of SMEs ROP Silesian Province 2014-2020.

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