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Polish female programmers among the world’s best

According to worldwide research by Hacker Rank, Polish female programmers were ranked third in the world, behind only their Italian and Russian counterparts.

Although the world of IT is still dominated by men, women are increasingly daring to compete in the programming field. The latest Hacker Rank report, which analyzes the position of women in IT, reveals some very interesting results.

Only 17.1% of developers worldwide are women, although in this respect the differences between countries are enormous, not necessarily in an obvious way. In India almost one in four programmers is female (22.9%, ranked first), while in Sweden, renowned for its commitment to equal rights, the figure is only 5.7% (44th out of 50). Differences can also be seen in terms of the popularity of programming technology - Java is most popular among women (21% of Java developers are women), and by far the smallest number of female programmers specialize in artificial intelligence and security (9%).

When it comes to skills and talent, European women lead the way. In first place, based on the results of programming tests, were Russian female programmers. The Italians took second place, and Polish women also found themselves on the podium, thus confirming the reputation of Polish programmers overall. You may recall that in the previous Hacker Rank ratings, which did not take gender into account, Poland was ranked third in the world, and first in the Java category.

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