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JCommerce has accumulated over 12 years of experience in the provision of IT solutions in Java, .NET, PHP, Front-End, Business Intelligence and ERP systems. We carry out an implementation projects and provide outsourcing services. We are always trying to be a true partner to our customers.

About us

We support companies in the ongoing process of digital transformation. By sharing the knowledge, talent and skills of our specialists, we offer our Partners development and cooperation based on trust. 

JCommerce has accumulated over 12 years of experience in the provision of software development services. We are one of only a few IT companies and software houses in Poland that combines technological skills in PHP, JAVA, .NET and Front-End with knowledge of business processes arising from the implementation of Business Intelligence and ERP systems. As a result, our clients benefit not only from technological support, but also added value in the form of business process optimization at their companies.

We provide IT Outsourcing Services that allow our clients to cooperate with a carefully selected group of IT and engineering specialists without incurring the fixed costs of personnel and changing the structure of their own companies. 

Thanks to the process of employee due diligence JCommerce ensures their suitability for all projects, on both the domestic and foreign markets, which are carefully matched with the skill set and aspirations of our clients, to guarantee their satisfaction.

The Computerworld TOP200 2016 Report has confirmed JCommerce among the major IT companies operating in Poland. We can consider the last year a huge success, recording a 60% rise in revenue and the 4th place among the largest provider of IT body leasing services in Poland. JCommerce was ranked the 8th largest supplier of mobile applications, 9th in Business Intelligence systems, 10th in Web applications and portals.

The Board

  • Piotr Zyguła

    Piotr Zyguła

    President, CEO

    Responsible for JCommerce strategic planning and sales policy.

    Piotr has been part of JCommerce since 2005, and since 2010 has been CEO of the company. His most significant responsibilities include company strategy and sales management. He studied at the Warsaw School of Economics and the University of Cologne where he furthered his education in economics and management, and is also a graduate of the ICAN Institute in Warsaw. His professional experience was acquired in such companies as Compaq, KLK and Techmex. In his private life he is a fan of Bayern Munich, a marathon runner and a lover of authentic Italian pizza.

  • Marcin Siemieński

    Marcin Siemieński

    Vice President

    Responsible for JCommerce supervision of production and public sector tender processes.

    Marcin has been part of JCommerce since day one in 2003, when it was called JCommerce Project, and along with three other technology buffs they decided to focus their professional efforts on business technology. His responsibilities are supervision of production and current contracts as well as public sector tender processes. He graduated from the University of Economics in Katowice and completed his post-graduate studies in project management, PRE – MBA studies at the Technological University of Brno and the ICAN Institute in Warsaw. Outside the office, besides spending time with family, he is a keen triathlete and marathon runner, as well as a connoisseur of good wine and organic food.

  • Grzegorz Koziołek

    Grzegorz Koziołek

    Vice President

    Responsible for JCommerce finance and HR.

    Grzegorz joined JCommerce in April 2015 and took over responsibility for the finances and human resources management of the company. With 11 years of experience in the commercial sector he specializes in cash flow and building expense accounts for strategic management. His career started in 2003 in local government administration in Upper Silesia. Between 2005 and 2015 he served as Vice President of Work Express in Katowice, where he was responsible for the development of the temporary work sector in Poland and the finances of the Group, and from 2013 served as CEO of the company. Grzegorz is a graduate of the University of Economics in Cracow. In his private life, he has a passion for photography and travelling with his family.

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